Bob Willis

Enterprise Agile Coach

Bob is an Enterprise Agile coach with over 30 years global IT experience. Expert at guiding organisations through the Agile journey to deliver complex, high value projects, and develop high performing teams. Promotes continuous learning, creating an environment focused on transparency, mastery and innovation.

Bob Willis has held most roles in the IT industry over the past 30 years, from development, testing and training, to solution architecture and database administration. In the last 15 years he shifted his focus to Agile delivery.

Since then he has worked with DSDM, Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, Scrum@Scale, DAD and LeSS and developed Agile and Scaled Agile training. Bob is part of the IBM European Agile Centre of Competence and provides enterprise coaching at all levels within an organisation. He is part of the first cohort of 30 Scrum Trainers selected by Jeff Sutherland to teach Scrum through Scrum Inc.. Bob is a regular conference speaker, most recently presenting at the DevDays conference in Azerbaijan and at Liberty Global Agile conference in Amsterdam

11:00 - 11:45

29th of October Day 2 - Main Track

Covid19: A Catalyst for Agility? Insights relating to Organisational culture and Mindset

In these COVID-19 times the phrase ‘the new normal’ has become ubiquitous - this enforced disruptive change has resulted in challenges to long-held beliefs about how organisations are able to function effectively.

Bob Willis is an Enterprise Agile Coaches in the IBM European Centre of Competence. In this session he will discuss experiences from the trenches of remote Agile coaching and training in support of organisations’ need to embrace flexibility and adaptability. Post-COVID, a period of reflection and rebuilding will naturally occur but using this crisis to refocus on culture and mindset as it pertains to Business Agility and Organisational Design is of paramount importance - those that embrace this opportunity will be better placed to succeed.