Information for all Attendees

As you know this time Agile Tour will be online only. All ticket holders can join the event by using following link:

If you do not have Whova account, you need to create one with an email address, which was provided to us on registration form.

If after login, you receive message, that you are not included into participants list, make sure you:

  • use the same email address as you have provided by submitting registration;
  • submitted Attendees registration form (form is bellow on this page).

If you have not provided any details, please fill the form bellow. When you will do that, our team will need to validate data and add you as a participant. After you information will be added into participant list, you should receive an email from Whova.

If you have registered, but cannot access the event page, please contact us by email

When filling in registration form, please, provide your ticket ID:

Attendees registration form: