Lisette Sutherland

Director of Collaboration Superpowers

Lisette Sutherland is a remote-working German-born American living in the Netherlands who is totally jazzed by the fact that it’s possible to work from anywhere. In fact, it’s not just possible; it’s completely, productively workable – if you do it right. Her company, Collaboration Superpowers, shares just how to do it right in a variety of formats:

  • Work Together Anywhere: A Handbook on Working Remotely — Successfully — for Individuals, Teams, and Managers
  • Speaking engagements and webinars
  • Work Together Anywhere workshops
  • Weekly podcasts featuring interviews with remote-working experts
  • Bi-monthly newsletter
  • Guest appearances at Pilar Orti’s 21st-Century Work Life podcasts

Lisette has given presentations at a wide range of events, from conferences and Meetups all over the world to a TEDx talk on the theme Unbox the Future in Kaunas, Lithuania. Her workshop clients include Air France, ING, CrossKnowledge (Wiley), Rabobank, and Saint-Gobain. In January 2018, both the Collaboration Superpowers podcast and the 21st-Century Work Life podcast series were deemed among the Best Remote Work Podcasts by Workplaceless. Lisette is also the office manager for the 100 percent remote company Happy Melly, a global professional happiness association dedicated to helping people be happier at work.

13:30 - 14:30

28th of October Day 1 - Main Track

Opening Keynote: The future of work is choice

Many offices will not be able to open and operate at full capacity for a long time. At the same time, some people don’t want to go back to the office, even when it’s safe to do so. Most people don’t want to leave the office behind entirely, preferring instead some sort of hybrid scenario - where they work some days at the office and some days at home. And in the end, I think all people would like the freedom to choose when and where they are most productive.
So now, as lockdowns are being lifted, companies are re-evaluating their previously held views of remote working - and wondering how we can navigate the new world of working as a hybrid team.