Kavi Guppta


Kavi Guppta has been writing and speaking about the Future of Work for the past six years. His thoughts can be found in Forbes, The Harvard Business Review, TEDx, and more. Kavi also drives Culture & Growth for Strategyzer, a fully remote organization with team members across 11 countries.

14:45 - 15:30

28th of October Day 1 - Main Track

Trust is the #1 barrier to remote work flexibility

What: COVID-19 forced millions of people to work from home, many for the first time. In this talk, Kavi Guppta will give best practice and examples on how leaders in organizations can trust and empower their teams when they're working remotely.

Why: The option to work remotely will continue to become popular. Trusting your team goes hand-in-hand with their productivity.