Kati Orav

Creativity Catcher

Kati about herself:
I love to say that I help people to fulfill their dreams and reach goals. For that, I teach them how to bring structure to their ideas and plans by using simple pictures, frames, and keywords. I am a graphic facilitator with all my heart and soul ( and head and hand). One great mission in my life is to promote visual thinking as an approach to simplification of strategic thinking and project management, and also to help people to find the courage to doodle. I believe that creating the right conditions, asking the right questions, and using supportive tools can help people to discover creativity and the potential to make a change. I am also a researcher, focusing on education and thinking with a pen as a learning tool. I believe that a new era and new normal need bold and creative approaches. The ability to draw is equally necessary for thinking alone and in communicating with others. You can read more about me and my mission: https://creativitycatcher.com/en/

11:00 - 11:45

29th of October Day 2 - Track 3

Sketchnoting as a tool for effective thinking and conversations

This is for everybody who needs masterfully and visually communicate important messages, enhance meetings, project works and the creation of strategies. If you need to provide overview and shared understanding for teams and groups in all sizes, collaborate purposefully, communicate effectively and navigate in complexity. It will be hands-on talk or workshop which means that I will make everybody to draw with me. I encourage the participants to draw and use simpler drawing techniques in professional life. Additionally, we learn to piece the drawings together in strategic contexts, how a picture can support important texts and how to create complete visuals- the templates. For that I use Chaordic Stepping Stones ( the Dee Hock chaos and order theory for leading and managing changes)