Dmitry Emelyanov

Agile coach

Dmitry Emelyanov is from Moscow, Russia and works as an Agile coach. He worked in different business areas and fond of growing independent self-learning teams. His strongest skill – working with people and facilitating group discussions. Dmitry came from classic project management and ability to view the whole process from the very beginning up to the end and bringing the most valuable enhancement. Dmitry is sure that most of common IT issues comes from misunderstanding of individuals and groups. He often acts as a speaker on local professional conferences. Dmitry fond of extreme sports – martial arts, trampoline and etc.

15:10 - 15:30

28th of October Day 1 - Track 3

The New Normal for facilitation - online won

1. How did we face the need to convert all Agile coaches' activities into online
2. Scum Masters' school online - benefits without any difficulties
3. Facilitation online - tools, techniques, and results comparing to offline
4. Online trainings comparing to offline
5. The key result - no offline anymore (only for super special cases)