Aurelija Trinkūnaitė-Kačinskienė


I had an opportunity to build the account twice and would like to share my challenges, successes and lessons learned.
First go: when I was a new and got to deal with what I found (new to Zenitech, new to client, new to the role)
Then Covid-19 stroked and our client decided to go to furlough (i.e. all projects were put on hold, teams were disbanded for unknown period)
Second go: the client came back with a short notice and I had to ramp up the account again, taking into account the challenges/lessons learned (still work in progress)

10:00 - 10:45

29th of October Day 2 - Track 3

Force-restart: Case study

COVID-19 pandemic has struck my ground a lot - all my projects were suddenly put on hold, teams were disbanded. And, a couple of months later, everything had to be stood up again in a few weeks! I want to share a case study of how it has been managed, what I changed after the lockdown, my challenges, mistakes, wins, lessons learned and new ways of working.