Angela Cardoso

With several years of experience in different industries I engage with organisations into learning and experimenting what agility means for their context. From an idea to implementing products and services, the intention at the heart of my work is to co-create new narratives for a more hospitable future and to transform work into a learning experience.

15:45 - 16:30

28th of October Day 1 - Track 2

What a lunch box can teach you about decision making: a convenient guide to coherence

What was the decision you struggled more with? Are you currently feeling stuck with any decision? What are the variables you take into account when taking decisions? Have you ever thought your answer might be in a lunch box? In this talk I want to share with you what Bentoism is: a (convenient and coherent) way for decision making, allowing you to think of decisions in a full spectrum of your self-interest.

  • practicing decision making in an anti-reductionist approach;
  • practicing the moral courage needed to reflect
  • identifying how decisions unfold in an individual and collective perspective and in different time frames;
  • getting in touch with values for a more generous future;
  • learning a possible way to achieve value- coherent decisions