Pascal Papathemelis

Pascal works at agile42 and coaches individuals, teams, organisations and leaders as part of the agile42 coaches community. He has a long background as an agile project manager/scrum master/facilitator of various developments in size and type for almost two decades. His focus is on people and practical approaches in order to deliver value. Since 2014 a co-organiser of Agile Finland’s coaching circle in Helsinki and an active member of the Agile Finland community.

15:45 - 16:30

28th of October Day 1 - Track 3

Don’t let your organisation be static, get the flow of work going with STATIK and deliver value to your customers

In many organisations the teams work effectively but overall the organisation struggles to get results out to the customers. As a result it feels the organisation is not moving forward as little value is generated and the business is stagnating.

I would like to share some experiences, where my colleagues and I have helped organisations become more agile in the end-to-end value stream of their initiatives from inception of the ideas towards delivering value to the customers. We have based this on the STATIK work by David J. Anderson and created a culture of continuous improvement on the portfolio of ongoing initiatives and continuous improvement of value delivery.

Every organisation has lot’s of ongoing work and becomes paralysed. How do you start getting an overview of it? How do you improve the coordination and prioritisation of work? How do you improve communication towards stakeholders and the teams? How can you learn and improve to become more effective and create more value?