have been interested in teaching and leading since childhood. I love to say that I help people to fulfil their dreams. For that I teach them how to bring structure to their ideas by using simple pictures. I believe that creating right conditions, asking right questions and using supportive tools can help people to discover creativity and potential to make a change. One great mission in my life is to promote visual thinking as an approach to simplification of strategic thinking and project management, and also to help people to find the courage to doodle. I am also a researcher, focusing on education and thinking with pen as a learning approach. You can read more about me and my mission: https://creativitycatcher.com/en/kati-orav/
I belive that new era needs
I have made a book about Estonian movies in pictograms and have been co-author to a publication on visual facilitation in education and youth work with Deniss Jershov and Torben Grocholl “Visual Facilitation cookbook”

I have been performing in different conferences in Estonia. The biggest was in 2016 conference for leaders and managers where I was nominated as one of the top five performers. I was also performing in TEDxTartu in November 2016 and in Agile Saturday ( Estonia, April 2018, in English).
In August 2020 I will perform in managers and leaders conference again, this time with focus on effective thinking ( through the sketchnoting perspective of course).

I believe that a new era and new normal need bold and creative approaches. The ability to draw is equally necessary in thinking alone and in communicating with others. I am convinced that in agile methods, the ability and courage to sketchnote is essential.